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Bursting with fun to get your kids recycling! The Tumbleweed Can-O-Worms is a great way to get kids into recycling and it’s bursting with fun! The world’s best-selling worm farm has been designed with built-in mounds to encourage worms to move from collector trays to working trays, unique flow-through ventilation to maximize performance, and no mess extras like well-designed legs and a drip-free tap. Recycles 6-9lbs of kitchen waste every week to lower your carbon footprint Australian designed and Australian Made from 100% UV Stabilized Recycled Plastic Easy to assemble design with 2 x large working trays for large processing capacity The round shape is designed for teaching kids how to recycle: young people experience increased engagement when standing in a circle. It’s more inclusive, inspires learning, plus everyone gets to be hands-on and interactive! Packed with features including the ventilated lid, working trays, and collector tray for increased airflow. Worm mound in collector tray to assist worm travel into the working tray. And a drip-free tap. The Tumbleweed Can-O-Worms is a medium-capacity worm farm suitable for beginners to experienced users.  To start this worm farm, you will need 1000 Composting Worms. Worms not included.

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